The essence of the Nespresso brand

The bespoke Nespresso alphabet can be definited as geometric mono-linear typeface. Some of its details come from vernacular italian lettering style, when other elements are typical from Art-déco style: Sanserif. Geometric. Art Deco. Italian. Futurist. Barista. Coffee. Exclusive. To be able to design a new typeface to remplace Frutiger, the first stage was to absolutely translate into type shapes what the Italian coffee style mean. Italy isn’t clearly stated by Nespresso, but it’s used on the brand vocabulary. And the Nespresso typeface should be used to set these words, it was crucial to built consistency between content and shapes.

Nespresso use typical Italian vocabulary for its products, following the same path, Nespresso typeface aim is to strenghten Italian typographic style, even as a delicate, subtile homage to the home of the best coffee in the world. Born during Art-déco period (circa 30’s), geometric sanserifs are a synonym of pleasure, parties, nightlife, couture, bistro, brasseries. We can find this typographic style in Italy, Spain, France, United Kingdom and USA at the time. Today, because of the iconic Chanel brand designed in a Art-déco typeface style, such letterforms are strongly associated to luxury.

Nespresso typeface will bring purity, class and a worldwide understanding of what means luxury and style in Nespresso’s branding. “Le dernier chic.” A delicate style, enough neutral to be used by Nespresso for any communication, from highly technological content to lifestyle and coffee savoir-faire. This new typeface will be dedicated to convey Nespresso quality and innovation. Nespresso fonts works well in every weights, and sizes. It is a very open, legible typeface that will bring to body texts a good readibility. In large headlines, titlings, its purity and unique design will bring a timeless elegance, specific to Nespresso branding. This new typeface, created for FutureBrand is the quest for excellence that reveals the essence of the Nespresso brand.

Creative Director: Pierre Abel.
Client: Futurebrand.


1. to 7. Nespresso typeface in use on various Nespresso shops: Paris, New York, Moscow.


Typeface family covering Latin, Cyrillic, Greek is designed for an exclusive use by Nespresso and will never be publicly available.