Design & typography


What tells the typography used for your communication?

Your identity is built from colors and typefaces and is the most ubiquitous expression of your brand. It lives in the minds of your customers and influence the perception of your company. In our design approach, strong typographical references and creative thinking are inextricably linked, leading to a bespoke typeface solution that truly brings your visual identity to life.

We know our limits, that is why we believe in collaboration

Word-marks, good typography, color palette and imagery style are all threads of the visual identity. Even we know well design and communication, we’re not specialist of every aspects of graphic design, we’re just convinced that typography need a deeper specialized knowledge that design and advertising agencies don’t have in-house.

It’s why we work with agencies or directly with clients to construct thorough typographic systems. What make a good visual identity is also the right typographic style who suit your concepts and messages.

Unique & Flexible

ZeCraft provides unique, exclusive typographic designs and bespoke typefaces. We provide tailored solutions for each project. Our fonts work across all platforms and media. Exclusive typography design help to keep control your budget by reducing costly multi-user and multi-device licenses for your business, your brands or needs during their expansion.

Go further

We invent exclusive and unique typefaces as well word-marks, and any typographic tools since years. Some of them are presented on this website, but feel free to ask for a pdf portfolio for high resolution samples easy to share with your colleagues. Tell us about your project, large or small. An email, a phone call is sometimes better to quickly find solutions that seemed inaccessible.


→ Typofonderie

Our sister company Typofonderie is an independent digital type foundry, designing, manufacturing and distributing a selection of high quality typefaces. We propose corporate licenses for any of typefaces present on Typofonderie collection. We also are able to customize them for your needs.