EndlessStory is an exclusive corporate typeface designed in 2007 for the Russian Vozrast group. Inspired by Perpetua, designed by Eric Gill, the latin-cyrillic new typeface who features alternates and swashes was developed in conjunction with Aaron Levin and Stories Design in charge of the design of the identity of the new shop.

EndlessStory, based in Russia; is a 4000 square meters store dedicated to children’s collections from the leading world brands: Dior, D&.G, Ralph Lauren, Burberry and other.

Art director: Aaron Levin.
Client: Stories Design.


1. Endlessstory logotype we’ve designed featuring the ligatured S.
2. Endlessstory: Use of the logotype on the branding books designed by Stories Design.
3. Endlessstory: Use of the logotype on a shopping bag.


EndlessStory, is a proprietary typeface for Vozrast group and will as such never be made available to the general public.