Domaine de Noria

Domaine de Noria

Domaine de Noria

Concept and design of the logotype Domaine de Noria (2010). Based on AW Conqueror Sans designed by Typofonderie for Arjowiggins in 2009-10. The project started under the name Mounaouar Resort, for which several concepts have been designed. Very quickly the idea of all caps and swashes showed a great potential because of the not literal references to Arabic calligraphy. We’ve also designed a collection of symbols influenced by Arabic typical patterns tested on various concepts. The final use of these little patterns works like the 5 stars on high class hotels brands.

Client: W&cie


1. Domaine de Noria: Earlier concepts
2. Domaine de Noria started his life as Mounaouar Resort, so an adaptation of the earlier concept was made.
3. to 4. Domaine de Noria final identity designed by Wcie.


Super Design 2010 prize. Nominated at Club des Directeurs artistiques 2010.