Cabinet d’écriture

Cabinet d’écriture

Louis Vuitton stationery for Cabinet d’écriture

The objective was to create different stationery tones, and styles of typographic assemblages. In Luxury, clear roots make the different. Even if adapt them to our contemporary eyes. We conducted research based on Vuitton archives, worked closely with Vuitton design team during more than a year. The result is an assemblage of styles who create specific atmosphere in association of specially made papers and colors. At the end, the Cabinet d’écriture project is 4 stationery collections, for a total 600 templates and 10 fonts specially designed to recreate the different atmospheres.

The collection of unique alphabets for the Cabinet d’écriture project is designed to bring back to reality the long history of the 19th and early 20th century engraved French style. The 600 templates have been design under Indesign and used through XML connection to a database. The result of each placed order on Louis Vuitton shops is a pdf used as source for the copper-plate engraving. The printing on special papers, using a tailored range of colors will be done through copper-plate engraving, stamping, in a pure French savoir-faire. Stamping technic favor the details that are generally not possible with a laser printer… it’s very impressive to discover that old printing technics still superior to latest technology.

Client: Louis Vuitton Malletier.


1. to 5. Stationery samples.
6. Copper-plate.
7. Stationery specifications.
8. to 11. Cabinet d’écriture typefaces specimen.


Vuitton Cabinet d’écriture typefaces collection will never be made available to the general public.