Vuitton Belt

Vuitton Belt

Louis Vuitton Belt typeface

Vuitton Belt is an all-capital two-color custom font designed for Louis Vuitton Malletier, a French luxury fashion and leather goods company. The typeface, follow similar ideas already developed for the needs of the Special orders department, “Mon Monogram.” Hand-painted stripes and monograms are part of the Vuitton heritage, and it was natural to apply this to new technologies. This a new companion to Vuitton Persona. This time, it is in a wider proportion, with low contrast, and rectangular serifs, to recall the universe of saddlery for horseback riding. Vuitton Belt is available in two versions: shadow and plain.

The Vuitton Belt typeface is part of a service offer: clients can order unique bags with their initials and select two-color combinations in particular shops and via their website. The initials are printed with high-quality ink on the famous “Monogram canvas” before hand assembly of the final belt.

The typeface was designed in OpenType format with a unique feature, specifically developed for the two-color letters. Because the font is delivered with all letters and their meticulously designed shadows, it was necessary to develop an easy method to set texts directly in applications without the need of the glyph palette or layout modification. The user just keys each letter, followed by an equal sign, and the contextual feature is applied, with corresponding shadows appearing in the right position.

Client: Louis Vuitton Malletier.


1. to 2. Monograms set in Vuitton Belt.
3. Vuitton Belt Shadow glyph set.
4. Vuitton Belt Plain glyph set.
5. Vuitton Belt usage on belts.