Abigail Borg

Abigail Borg

Abigail Borg

Logotype of the textile designer Abigail Borg. The project included also two others versions for small sizes use and a monogram AB. Based on AW Conqueror Didot designed by Typofonderie for Arjowiggins in 2009-10.

In late 2010, we were invited by the British designer Abigail Borg to design a new brand for its activities. Working for and with designers is always a great experience and Abigail Borg is not only a talented designer, but great to work with her. She had in mind AW Conqueror Didot as starting point. The swashes and contrast was appealing and fit quite well her style. The main problem was that AW Conqueror was available only in Light. For the first proposal, Jean François Porchez thought that we can go into something more unique, who fit better the Abigail Borg brand, not only designing a bolder version. It is rare to find two g’s in a name, so one idea was to create two different g, but it was probably a concept that went too far, and we end up with just a different g ears, keeping one that look at right for the end of the logotype. Note that the original AW Conqueror Didot g isn’t at all like the Abigail Borg g… who are uniques.

In addition, because of the potential needs for a shorter version, a connected monogram AB was designed. So, no more B swash on Abigail Borg logotype, only the A was designed with a a longer swash, to create a strong identity. In branding, we always need to balance the wish for many details and effects and a “certain simplicity.” Its why we removed the swash on Borg. One is enough, and the answer to the A swash thing is the final g with its ear looking to the left. At the end, size related versions have been created: So, depending the final use, you will have the choice of the logotype contrast.

Client: Abigail Borg.


1. Abigail Borg optical sizes versions.
2. Abigail Borg monogram.
3. to 5. Abigail Borg logotype in use.

Abigail Borg logotype in its three sizes versions at Dribbble.
About the new logotype at Abigail Borg website.


Club des directeurs artistiques: 43e Palmarès Selected 2011, Typography category, logotype. Abigail Borg logotype for Abigail Borg, 04-2012.